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Breaking Down the IRS Installment Agreement

Understanding the IRS Installment Agreement

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Installment Agreement is a payment plan that allows taxpayers to pay their tax debt in manageable, monthly installments. The system is designed to facilitate the settlement of tax obligations in a taxpayer-friendly manner, while still ensuring compliance with the Internal Revenue Code. Here at Brightside Tax Relief, we aim to demystify the process and explain the intricacies of this agreement so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of this crucial aspect of tax debt management.

Basics of the IRS Installment Agreement

The IRS Installment Agreement is a legal understanding between a taxpayer and the IRS to settle outstanding tax debts in smaller, manageable increments rather than a lump sum. The strategy is designed to aid taxpayers who cannot afford to pay their entire tax debt therefore, alleviating potential financial strain.

Types of IRS Installment Agreements

There are different types of IRS Installment Agreements each designed to suit different financial situations and amounts of tax debt. These include:

1. Guaranteed Installment Agreement: This is applicable to individuals who owe less than $10,000, excluding penalties and interest. The debtor must be capable of paying the debt within three years.

2. Streamlined Installment Agreement: This allows a taxpayer to pay off a debt of $50,000 or less within 72 months without providing a financial statement.

3. Partial Payment Installment Agreement (PPIA): This type of agreement allows the taxpayer to make monthly payments, but the total paid will be less than the total debt.

4. Non-streamlined Installment Agreement: This applies when a taxpayer owes over $50,000 and can’t pay within 72 months. Financial statements must be provided to set the installments.

Benefits of an Installment Agreement

Opting for an IRS Installment Agreement offers multiple benefits:

– Reduces financial strain: By breaking down the debt into manageable monthly payments, financial strain reduces.

– Avoids severe collection actions: When you’re on a payment plan, the IRS halts drastic collection actions like levies and liens.

– Stops the accrual of interest: Interest continues to accrue on unpaid tax debts, but when you’re under a plan, the interest is significantly reduced.

Process of Setting Up an IRS Installment Agreement

The process of setting up an IRS Installment Agreement requires careful attention to detail. It involves the submission of essential forms such as Form 9465, an Installment Agreement Request, and other specifics dependent on the type of agreement being pursued. Taxpayers can submit these forms online via the IRS’s website or by mail. It’s important to remember that some agreements, particularly the non-streamlined ones, can be more complex and may require professional assistance from agencies like Brightside Tax Relief.

Things to Keep in Mind

While applying for an IRS Installment Agreement, certain key points need to be considered:

– Understanding the total tax debt and the timeline for repayment is crucial before entering into an agreement.

– Penalties and interest do not stop accumulating while the agreement is in place.

– Late installment payments can result in default of the installment agreement.

– Non-compliance with the terms of the agreement can lead to severe consequences, including liens and garnishment.

How Brightside Tax Relief Can Help

Navigating the complexities of the IRS Installment Agreement can be overwhelming. Brightside Tax Relief can help guide you through the process, assist in understanding the tax laws, and help negotiate an Installment Agreement with the IRS that is tailored to your situation.

Our experts have extensive experience working with taxpayers of all backgrounds and circumstances. At Brightside Tax Relief, we aim to bring you peace of mind and work towards resolving your tax issues in the most efficient way possible.

Resources for Further Assistance

The IRS provides in-depth information and resources on their Installment Agreements. You can learn more about it from their Payment Plans webinar that provides critical insights into the workings and application process of these arrangements.


Understanding the IRS Installment Agreement is critical for taxpayers, as it can provide substantial relief from tax debts. We hope this comprehensive guide by Brightside Tax Relief has provided valuable insights into the system and its benefits. Always remember, dealing with the IRS need not be a daunting task; with appropriate guidance and professional assistance, it can be an entirely manageable process.

Breaking Down the IRS Installment Agreement

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