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CL-2023-03SP: “Un vistazo de cerca” a cómo el IRS está mejorando la experiencia del contribuyente, y muchas más mejoras en camino

CL-2023-03SP: A Closer Look at How the IRS is Enhancing the Taxpayer Experience, and More Improvements on the Way

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently released its latest executive column, “A Closer Look,” featuring Courtney Kay-Decker, the Deputy Director of Taxpayer Experience. This column highlights the IRS’s ongoing efforts to improve the experience for taxpayers and everyone who interacts with the agency.

Kay-Decker stated, “Throughout 2023, we are working diligently to make improvements and progress towards the IRS’s goal of providing exceptional service every day.” She further added, “Thanks to the funding from the Inflation Reduction Act, we now have increased capacity to create better experiences and outcomes for all taxpayers.” You can read more about this here.

“A Closer Look” – An Insightful Column from IRS Executives

“A Closer Look” is a column penned by IRS executives that covers a wide range of current topics of interest to taxpayers and the tax community. It provides a detailed view of key issues affecting everything from IRS operations and employees to issues involving taxpayers and tax professionals.

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