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e-News for Tax Professionals 2023-44

e-News for Tax Professionals 2023-44: Key Highlights and Updates

In this issue, we delve into a range of pertinent topics that every tax professional needs to be aware of. From the extension of electronic signatures and encrypted email use to the increase in contribution limits for 401(k) and IRA plans, we cover it all. Let’s dive in.

IRS Extends Use of Electronic Signatures, Encrypted Email

In a bid to enhance security and convenience, the IRS has extended the use of electronic signatures and encrypted emails. This move is designed to streamline operations and improve the overall efficiency of tax-related processes.

Enrolled Agent Renewal Season Underway

The season for enrolled agent renewal has commenced. If you’re an enrolled agent, this is your chance to renew your status and continue providing your valuable services.

Continuing Education Credit Available Through Nationwide Tax Forums Online

The Nationwide Tax Forums Online is an excellent platform for tax professionals to earn continuing education credits. It’s a resource-rich platform that offers a wealth of knowledge and insights.

Contribution Limits for 401(k), IRA Plans Increase in 2024

In a significant development, contribution limits for 401(k) and IRA plans are set to increase in 2024. This increase is a great opportunity for individuals to boost their retirement savings.

Review Tax Withholding Now Before Time Runs Out

As the year draws to a close, it’s crucial to review your tax withholding. Doing so now can save you from potential complications and inconveniences down the line.

Protect Your Clients, Protect Yourself Against Online Threats

In an increasingly digital world, protecting yourself and your clients against online threats is paramount. Stay vigilant and ensure that your systems and processes are secure.

Digital Asset Public Hearing Rescheduled for Nov. 13

The public hearing on digital assets, initially scheduled for an earlier date, has been rescheduled for November 13. Make sure to mark your calendars.

New IRS Energy Credits Online Tool

The IRS has launched a new Energy Credits Online tool. This tool allows sellers of clean vehicles to register for time-of-sale reporting and advance credit payments, making it easier to manage and track energy credits.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments in the world of tax. Remember, staying informed is the key to staying ahead.

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