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Breaking Down Barriers with Form 656

Understanding Form 656 from a Tax Relief Perspective

As tax professionals at Brightside Tax Relief, we often come across taxpayers who are grappling with the complex task of settling their tax debt. In such situations, Form 656 or the Offer in Compromise (OIC) can serve as an effective tool for those who qualify. This form allows you to settle your back taxes for less than you owe and offers a lifeline to bring financial relief.

However, understanding how it works can be quite convoluted without proper guidance. That’s why we’re here – to break down barriers by offering clarity on what this application entails and how best to utilize it as part of your strategy when dealing with Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The Fundamentals of IRS Form 656

Form 656 is essentially your application where you pitch an offer amount that you can afford to pay instead of full tax liability. You will have this proposal evaluated by IRS based primarily on two factors – substantiating evidence and your current financial situation.

There are three circumstances under which one might find oneself eligible:

  • Doubt as to Liability: If there’s substantial doubt over whether assessed taxes are accurate.
  • Doubt as to Collectibility: When the owed sum surpasses one’s ability to pay.
  • Effective Tax Administration: Under unique circumstances inhibiting payment despite having means due owing hardship/injustice being caused.

Successful completion does not automatically guarantee acceptance but takes into account other aspects like potential future income or expenses.

Navigating through Application Process

Filing correctly involves several steps that include assembling accurate information about finances, determining reasonable collection potential & ultimately formulating an appropriate offer corroborated by evidence.

Train yourself adequately while maneuvering past frequent mistakes because repercussions range from delayed processing times all way up till forfeiture fees!

Understanding Brightside’s Tax Relief Role

At Brightside, we are fully equipped and experienced to help you navigate through the murky waters of tax resolution. We’ve assisted numerous clients successfully in presenting their case to IRS thus saving not just money but also time & energy.

Our role is not limited merely providing guidance – critical stage comes after submission when negotiations begin with authorities about proposed amount. The ultimate goal for us? A significant reduction on client’s outstanding dues!


Form 656 truly represents a beacon of hope for individuals staring at high tax bills and there’s no better ally than someone who has been down this road before like our team at Brightside. By understanding different sections within form—its requirements elbow room provided therein—we can effectively strategize your road towards financial freedom away from crippling taxes.

Overcome barriers created by paperwork uncertainty complex calculations using us as guide! Let’s embark together upon journey that ultimately eases burden financial worries off shoulder leaving you focused what matters most – thriving professionally personally without undue stress looming large overheads imposed by unmanageable back taxes.

For those who need comprehensive guidance regarding Form 656 directly from IRS, click here. If you prefer downloading this valuable resource simply click the button below:

Never forget, difficulties faced today pave way for smoother tomorrows especially concerning taxation if dealt aptly sound knowledge reinforced strategic applying supported an expert team standing firmly beside every step along trying yet rewarding path return stability culmination successful offer compromise using IRS Form 656!

Breaking Down Barriers with Form 656

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