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Personal Tales of Achieving IRS Currently Not Collectible Status

The Journey Toward IRS Currently Not Collectible Status

We, at Brightside Tax Relief, have served those who are entwined within the complexity of IRS issues for many years. A great deal of our success is attributed to helping our clients attain the IRS Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC Status). Achieving this status can provide immense relief to taxpayers who are simply unable to pay their tax liability without causing severe financial hardships. Herein, we shall chart the course through some personal tales of how our clients have successfully navigated to CNC Status.

Understanding the Concept of IRS Currently Not Collectible Status

Before we delve into the tales of achieving the CNC Status, let’s understand what it truly encompasses. According to the IRS, this status is essentially a hardship status. It allows taxpayers, who cannot afford to pay their income tax debt due to financial hardship, to delay payment until their financial situation improves.

Here are some key points:

– The taxpayer’s account is considered temporarily non-collectible.

– The IRS halts all collection activities.

– The 10-year statute of limitations on tax collection continues to reduce.

John’s Story: From Crushing Debt to Financial Reprieve

John came to Brightside Tax Relief after receiving multiple letters from the IRS about back taxes owed. Despite his best efforts, he hadn’t been able to clear his tax liability due to a series of unexpected life events. After assessing his financial situation, it was apparent that paying the IRS would plunge him into extreme hardship.

Our expert team assisted John in organizing his financial information, showing the IRS that he was indeed unable to pay. After a detailed evaluation, the IRS granted John the CNC Status, providing him with a breather from the crushing weight of his tax debt.

Mary’s Journey: The Power of Accurate Documentation

Mary, a single mother, was drowning under the weight of her tax debt. Between meeting her child’s needs and paying her bills, there was very little left every month. However, with the progression of time and the accumulation of interest and penalties, her debt status appeared increasingly bleak.

Brightside Tax Relief stepped in and started organizing her income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. We submitted a detailed submission to the IRS, demonstrating that paying her tax debt would indeed cause severe financial hardship. Understanding her situation, the IRS agreed to place her account in CNC Status, providing her with much-needed relief and time to improve her financial situation.

Obtaining the Status: A Word of Caution

While these stories shine a hopeful light on the struggle with tax debt, it is important to note that achieving IRS Currently Not Collectible Status isn’t a walk in the park. Convincing the IRS of your financial hardships requires thorough and accurate documentation. Furthermore, the law does not eliminate the debt, but merely keeps it on hold, with the possibility of re-evaluation if your financial circumstances improve.

It’s also important to remember:

– Achieving CNC status does not mean tax debt forgiveness.

– The IRS can file a tax lien on your property, even if you’re in CNC status.

– IRS will monitor your annual tax returns to check for any changes in your financial circumstances.

Conclusion: The Role of Brightside Tax Relief

At Brightside Tax Relief, we understand that dealing with IRS tax debt can be overwhelming, and the path to achieving the CNC Status can be complex. Our mission is to provide relief and advocate for our clients, assisting them with reaching a resolution that aligns with their financial circumstances.

Whether like John or Mary, if you are facing financial hardship and can’t meet your tax obligations, don’t navigate these troubled waters alone. Our experienced team can guide you through the complexities and work towards achieving the IRS Currently Not Collectible Status, giving you the opportunity to lighten the burden and work towards a brighter financial future.


Personal Tales of Achieving IRS Currently Not Collectible Status

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