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The Taxpayers Guide to Surviving an IRS Audit

Understanding the IRS Audit

The term ‘IRS Audit’ may instill fear in the hearts of most taxpayers. We, at Brightside Tax Relief, want to change this narrative. IRS audits are a standard practice and knowing how to navigate through them is key. According to data from, only about 0.6% of all tax returns get audited each year. Yet, hearing the word ‘audit’ in relation to your taxes can be intimidating. This shouldn’t be the case. This article seeks to dispel the fear surrounding IRS audits and present practical IRS audit advice to guide you through the process if you happen to be one of the ‘chosen few’.

What Triggers an IRS Audit

When the IRS selects your tax return for an audit, it doesn’t automatically mean that they suspect you of wrongdoing. The selection process may be random or triggered by certain red flags in your tax return. Some common red flags include unreported income, high deductions, or income significantly varying from previous years. As a taxpayer, you should always ensure accuracy and transparency when filing your tax returns.

Types of IRS Audits

There are generally three forms of IRS audits: Mail audits which are conducted by correspondence, Office audits which are conducted at an IRS office, and Field audits that take place at the taxpayer’s home, business, or accountant’s office. The audit notice will detail what is being reviewed and what documentation you’ll need to provide.

Surviving the IRS Audit: Practical IRS Audit Advice

While an IRS audit may seem complex, with the right IRS audit advice, you can navigate through it successfully. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Review the Audit Notice

Your IRS audit advice journey begins by thoroughly examining and understanding the audit notice. The notice will detail what parts of your tax return have been flagged. Clarify anything you don’t understand with the IRS or a qualified tax professional.

Be Organized

Prior to the audit, organize your financial documents as per the request in the audit notice. This can include bills, canceled checks, receipts, or any other related documents needed to verify items on your tax return. Having an organized record will build your case and make the process much smoother.

Understand Your Rights as a Taxpayer

You have rights during the audit process. These include the right to representation, the right to appeal decisions, and the right to privacy. Familiarizing yourself with these rights prior to an audit is essential. The IRS provides a complete list of your rights, which you can review at

Seek Professional Help

Consider seeking help from a tax professional. They can provide valuable IRS audit advice, help you prepare, and represent you during the audit. The process can be overwhelming and a reputable tax bill relief service like Brightside Tax Relief can ease the stress.

After the Audit: What Next?

After the audit, you’ll receive an audit report detailing adjustments, if any, you are required to make. If you disagree with the audit results, there are options available for disputing them. If you consent, it’s critical to promptly rectify the identified errors to avoid further penalties.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Better IRS audit advice is preventing the possibility of an audit on your tax returns. Filing accurate tax returns, reporting all income, keeping clear records of deductions and credits claimed are easy steps to minimizing the likelihood of an audit.

Embrace a Positive Audit Perspective

Always remember, an audit doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done something wrong. It’s simply a review process to ensure the accuracy of tax returns. Through understanding the audit process and having sound IRS audit advice, you can survive an IRS audit stress-free.

Audit Support from Brightside Tax Relief

As a nationwide tax relief company, we at Brightside Tax Relief bring to the table years of experience in dealing with IRS audits. We pledge to support you during this period and offer professional IRS audit advice to smooth your audit journey. Remember, you shouldn’t face this process alone. We are here for you. Don’t let fear of an IRS audit affect your peace of mind or jeopardize your financial future.

At Brightside Tax Relief, we know that knowledge is power and wisdom is knowing when to ask for help. Therefore, remember that you never have to navigate the complex world of IRS audits alone — you have allies in us. Reach out, and let’s start a conversation. Together, we will help you face an IRS audit with confidence, not fear.


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