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#ICYMI Top CI Stories from the Past Week

ICYMI: Top IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) Stories From The Past Week Nov. 20, 2023 Useful Links About CI What do we investigate? How investigations are initiated J5 international partnership Tax Schemes and Fraud Tax Fraud Alerts Report Suspected Tax Fraud Voluntary Disclosure CI Newsroom CI News Releases CI Resources CI Annual Reports Week of Nov. 13 - 19 #ICYMI Top CI Stories from the Past Week 1. Chief Lee honored with Presidential Rank Award as Distinguished Executive Recipient The award is among the most esteemed recognitions in career civil service. 2. Avoid falling victim to pig butchering schemes Learn the red flags of cryptocurrency scams to protect yourself this International Fraud Awareness Week. 3. Founder of Beverly Hills ‘Gentlemen Timepieces’ consignment store charged with conning victims in luxury watch Ponzi-type scheme To date, law enforcement estimates that victim losses currently total approximately $3 million. 4. Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement committed to combating transnational tax crime J5 works together to gather information, share intelligence, conduct operations and build the capacity of tax crime enforcement officials. 5. We're hiring for our Pathways Career Internship Student Trainee positions Attention college juniors! Positions are limited so apply fast. CI is the criminal investigative arm of the IRS, responsible for conducting financial crime investigations, including tax fraud, narcotics trafficking, money-laundering, public corruption, healthcare fraud, identity theft and more. CI special agents are the only federal law enforcement agents with investigative jurisdiction over violations of the Internal Revenue Code, obtaining a more than a 90 percent federal conviction rate. The agency has 20 field offices located across the U.S. and 12 attaché posts abroad.

Recap of the Week’s Top Stories from IRS Criminal Investigation In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the most significant stories from the IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) division for the week of November 13 – 19, 2023. Chief Lee Receives Presidential Rank Award Chief Lee was honored with the Presidential Rank Award, one […]

e-News for Tax Professionals 2023-46

Filing season readiness; become an e-file provider; IRS online account; and more Banner e-News for Tax Professionals November 17, 2023 Useful Links: Tax Professionals Home All Forms and Instructions Stakeholders Partners' Headliners Training and Communication Tools e-Services Taxpayer Advocate Service Disaster Relief Internal Revenue Bulletins IRS Social Media Upcoming Events Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, and Other Practitioner Activities By State: Nationwide Webinars Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Back to top Issue Number: 2023-46 Inside This Issue 8th annual National Tax Security Awareness week begins Nov. 27 IRS Webinar on Written Information Security Plan scheduled for Nov. 30 Get prepared for the upcoming filing season Tax pros: Become an authorized IRS e-file provider ITIN holders can register for online access IRS reminds eligible 2020 and 2021 non-filers to claim Recovery Rebate Credit before time runs out Eligible IRA owners may transfer up to $100,000 in tax-free gifts to charity Treasury, IRS propose regulations implementing disallowance of deductions for certain conservation easement contributions Taxpayers urged to protect against scams, schemes during International Fraud Awareness Week Energy efficient commercial buildings deductions available for those who qualify News from the Justice Department’s Tax Division Technical Guidance FaceBook Logo YouTube Logo Instagram Logo Twitter Logo LinkedIn Logo Thank you for subscribing to e-News for Tax Professionals an IRS e-mail service. If you have a specific concern about your client's tax situation, call the IRS Practitioner Priority Service 1-866-860-4259. This message was distributed automatically from the mailing list e-News for Tax Professionals. *Please Do Not Reply To This Message * To subscribe to or unsubscribe from another list, please go to the e-News Subscriptions page on the IRS Web site. Update your subscriptions, modify your password or email address, or stop subscriptions at any time on your Subscriber Preferences Page. You will need to use your email address to log in. If you have questions or problems with the subscription service, please contact This service is provided to you at no charge by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This email was sent to by: Internal Revenue Service (IRS) · Internal Revenue Service · 1111 Constitution Ave. N.W. · Washington DC 20535 GovDelivery logo

Preparing for the Filing Season and More: e-News for Tax Professionals 2023-46 As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to get ready for the upcoming tax filing season. The IRS offers a wealth of resources to help tax professionals stay informed and prepared. In this week’s e-News, we’ll cover the 8th annual […]

IR-2023-218: El IRS y los socios de la Cumbre de Seguridad anuncian la 8va Semana Nacional Anual de Concientización sobre Seguridad Tributaria comienza el 27 de noviembre; se enfoca en concientizar a los contribuyentes y profesionales tributarios sobre consejos de seguridad para protegerse contra el robo de identidad y las estafas

El Servicio de Impuestos Internos, junto con sus socios de la Cumbre de Seguridad en las agencias tributarias estatales y la industria tributaria de la nación, anunciaron hoy una semana especial centrada en la concientización de los contribuyentes y profesionales tributarios sobre la protección de la información financiera sensible contra los ladrones de identidad a medida que se acercan las fiestas y la temporada tributaria de 2024. La 8va Semana nacional anual de concientización sobre seguridad tributaria tiene lugar este año del 27 de noviembre al 1ro de diciembre, marcando una campaña anual de la Cumbre de Seguridad, una coalición del IRS, administradores de impuestos estatales, compañías de software tributario, la comunidad de profesionales tributarios y otros en la comunidad tributaria en general. El grupo se formó en 2015 para combatir el robo de identidad relacionado con los impuestos a través de una mejor coordinación entre los sectores público y privado, así como el fortalecimiento de las protecciones internas y la concientización de las amenazas a la seguridad.

The IRS and Security Summit Partners Announce the 8th Annual National Tax Security Awareness Week The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in collaboration with its partners from the Security Summit, including state tax agencies and the national tax industry, have today announced a special week dedicated to educating taxpayers and tax professionals. The focus is on […]

IR-2023-215SP: Las distribuciones benéficas calificadas permiten a los dueños elegibles de una IRA hasta $100,000 en donaciones no sujetas a impuestos a organizaciones benéficas

Las distribuciones benéficas calificadas permiten a los dueños elegibles de una IRA hasta $100,000 en donaciones no sujetas a impuestos a organizaciones benéficas. El Servicio de Impuestos Internos les recordó hoy a los dueños de una cuenta de retiro individual (IRA, por sus siglas en inglés) de 70½ años* *o más, que pueden transferir hasta $100,000 a organizaciones benéficas, no sujetas a impuestos, cada año. Estas transferencias, conocidas como distribuciones benéficas calificadas (QCD, por sus siglas en inglés), ofrecen a los estadounidenses mayores elegibles una excelente manera de donar fácilmente a la caridad antes de fin de año. Además, para aquellos que tienen al menos 73 años, las QCD cuentan para la distribución mínima requerida (RMD) del dueño de una IRA para el año.

Qualified Charitable Distributions Allow Eligible IRA Owners to Donate up to $100,000 Tax-Free to Charitable Organizations Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) present a unique opportunity for eligible Individual Retirement Account (IRA) owners to donate up to $100,000 tax-free to charitable organizations. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) today reminds IRA owners aged 70½ and above that they […]

Quick Alerts- Technical Form 1040 Series Business Rules and Schema are Available Banner QuickAlerts for Tax Professionals November 16, 2023 Subject: Form 1040 Series Business Rules and Schema are available. Attention: Software Developers, Return Transmitters and Authorized IRS e-File Providers/EROs Tax Year 2023 / Processing Year 2024 Business Rules and Schema Form 1040 Series 2023v5.0 Form 9465 CUv26.0 Software Developers and State organizations may download Modernized e-File (MeF) schemas and business rules from their e-Services mailbox. To access these files, you must have: An active e-Services account An e-File application with the Software Developer or State provider option with the associated tax type of 1040, 2350, 4868, 56 or 9465 Please visit the Modernized e-File (MeF) Schemas and Business Rules page on for more information about MeF Schemas and Business Rules. You may have several messages in your account. Please open all of them to find the set you would like to download. After 60 days the messages are purged. If you have the appropriate role and do not have these files available for download within 48 hours, please contact MeF Mailbox with the Company Name, ETIN and schema package(s) with tax year needed. Note: If only minor changes occur, Software Developers are not required to use the new version. If the major number changes, all software must reflect the new version.

Form 1040 Series Business Rules and Schema Now Available The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the availability of the Form 1040 Series Business Rules and Schema for the Tax Year 2023/Processing Year 2024. This includes the Form 1040 Series 2023v5.0 and Form 9465 CUv26.0. Who Can Access the Form 1040 Series Business Rules and […]

IRS extends office hours to add additional sessions: Dealers and Sellers can register to attend office hours with the IRS for help registering on Energy Credits Online

The IRS is excited to offer office hours to help dealers and sellers register through Energy Credits Online. Representatives from the IRS will conduct a walkthrough of the registration process and be available to answer questions. Registration for office hours is now open. These one-hour sessions will be held from 11-12 PM and 2-3 PM eastern time at the times listed below. We will add more sessions through November. Registration for each session is limited to 500 participants. The IRS is strongly encouraging all sellers and dealers of clean vehicles to register for Energy Credits Online immediately and no later than Dec. 1, 2023.

Extended IRS Office Hours for Additional Sessions: A Guide for Dealers and Sellers on Energy Credits Online Registration The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is thrilled to announce the extension of its office hours to aid dealers and sellers in registering through the Energy Credits Online platform. This initiative is designed to provide a comprehensive walkthrough […]

Careful WISP(er) — Professional Responsibility and Data Security: Practitioners’ Obligation to Have a Written Information Security Plan

To fulfill their professional obligations, practitioners—attorneys, certified public accountants, enrolled agents, and tax return preparers who participate in the Internal Revenue Service’s Annual Filing Season Program—must comply with Circular 230, Regulations Governing Practice before the Internal Revenue Service (31 CFR Subtitle A, Part 10), which is administered and enforced by the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). Several provisions of Circular 230 implicate a practitioner’s obligations when dealing with data security and confidential client information. These provisions complement not only the privacy and penalty provisions of the Internal Revenue Code—including the penalties in IRC 6713 (civil) and IRC 7216 (criminal) for unauthorized disclosure of taxpayer information—but also nontax legislation enacted in 1999 that gave the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) authority to prescribe regulations establishing requirements of data safeguarding for various businesses including professional tax return preparers. This article discusses how the FTC’s implementing regulations and complementary guidance issued by the IRS affect the duties and restrictions imposed on tax practitioners by Circular 230. Federal law, enforced by the FTC, requires tax preparers to create and maintain a written data security plan. Having a WISP protects businesses and their clients while providing a blueprint for action in the event of a security incident. In addition, a WISP can help if other events seriously disrupt a tax professional’s ability to conduct normal business, including fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, and theft. Failure to maintain a WISP to protect private financial information may not only put clients at risk for identity theft and fraud, it may also expose a practitioner to liability for violating the Safeguards Rule and the terms of their malpractice insurance coverage. In addition, it could subject a practitioner, in circumstances of willfulness, to discipline under Circular 230. Given section 10.35’s competence requirement and the obligation imposed by section 10.36 to have procedures in place to ensure compliance with Circular 230 by everyone involved in a tax practice, we encourage practitioners to pay heed to the requirement to adopt a WISP and implement appropriate data security programs.

Upholding Professional Responsibility and Data Security: The Necessity of a Written Information Security Plan In the realm of professional obligations, practitioners, including attorneys, certified public accountants, enrolled agents, and tax return preparers engaged in the Internal Revenue Service’s Annual Filing Season Program, are mandated to adhere to Circular 230. This set of regulations, which governs […]

IR-2023-212SP: El IRS destaca la Semana internacional de concienciación sobre el fraude; se insta a los contribuyentes a protegerse contra estafas y engaños

El IRS destaca la Semana internacional de concienciación sobre el fraude; se insta a los contribuyentes a protegerse contra estafas y engaños. WASHINGTON — Como parte de un esfuerzo continuo para proteger a los contribuyentes, el Servicio de Impuestos Internos recuerda a todos que la Semana internacional de concientización sobre el fraude es un buen momento para pensar en proteger la información personal y financiera de los estafadores. La Semana internacional de concienciación sobre el fraude, que se lleva a cabo hasta el 18 de noviembre, es un esfuerzo para minimizar el impacto del fraude promoviendo la concienciación y la educación contra el fraude. Durante la semana especial, el IRS -incluyendo la Oficina de Prevención del Fraude y la Investigación Criminal del IRS- sigue trabajando para concienciar sobre el fraude y las estafas que afectan a los contribuyentes de todo el país. El IRS sigue animando a personas, empresas y profesionales de impuestos a tomarse tiempo ahora para conocer las señales de alerta de una estafa, y para asegurarse de que las defensas están en su lugar para detener a los estafadores y los que promueven esquemas tributarios sin escrúpulos. Aunque esta semana destaca el fraude internacional, el IRS trabaja durante todo el año para concienciar sobre las estafas y esquemas tributarios. Estos esfuerzos van desde la lista anual de la Docena Sucia de estafas tributarias hasta otros esquemas de impuestos, incluyendo el mercadeo agresivo que involucra reclamos de Crédito de Retención del Empleado.

IRS Highlights International Fraud Awareness Week: Urges Taxpayers to Guard Against Scams and Deception The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is emphasizing the importance of International Fraud Awareness Week and encouraging taxpayers to safeguard themselves from scams and deception. This initiative is part of the IRS’s ongoing effort to protect taxpayers. International Fraud Awareness Week serves […]